Sale to raise medical funds

In the US, it’s possible to have medical coverage that doesn’t cover doctors.  Literally.  This leaves people needing to see a doctor in the lurch.  Without getting into too much detail, there’s a situation going on where someone in my household has a medical issue easily correctable early on, almost always with surgery, but that becomes progressively more difficult, and with the medical history involved and only 25% of a set of involved organs remaining, waiting until it’s an emergency that an ER can’t turn away is too late and comes with a substantially elevated risk of death as it involves cutting off blood flow to part of that last 25%.  All options to get more coverage have been exhausted at this point, and an appeal on the one chance is going to still take time.  We’d rather not put off going in for a few months.  So we’ve got to jump-start medical care and pay out of pocket.  And the way I’m helping with this is through a sale.  It’s really all I can do.

I will be posting several things in my Square shop, viewable here: Aria Couture at Square.  Some ready-to-wear gowns, custom corsetry and stays, etc.  More will be added over the day.  Please take a look, and please share this, and check back again later.  No one should have to worry about how to access medical care, especially with an active health situation going on, but this is the hand we’ve been dealt, and, though it sucks, we’ve got to deal with it however we can instead of waiting, if there’s any way at all to make that happen.

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