Paris Opera Ballet’s Sleeping Beauty’s Prince

Women’s ensembles are usually the ones that get the attention, whether that’s a ballet tutu or an 18th century robe a la française.

Héloïse Bourdon and Christophe Duquenne as the princess and prince, photo mu Tal Gomita


But men’s ensembles can be just as intricate, sometimes even more so.  This costume, worn by Christophe Duquenne, is a great example of this.  The beautiful embroidery and crystals on beautiful jacquard, the gathers in the back…

Of course the bottoms are always plain.  The dancer’s legs shouldn’t have to compete with a bunch of detailing.  Standard men’s dance tights are worn that allow very free movement, and very free admiration of the hard work male dancers do in perfecting their bodies.  It’s one thing to be lean, but another to sculpt their bodies the way they do.  Sparkles and tons of textures would draw attention away from them getting to show off.  And let’s face it.  If you’re a male dancer, you want to show off what you’ve built just as much as you want to show off your skill.  Take it from me and every gym rat I know–it’s far easier to get lean than to build muscle mass to show off. Continue reading “Paris Opera Ballet’s Sleeping Beauty’s Prince”

Oregon Ballet Theater-inspired Genzano flower festival dress

My daughter saw the School of the Oregon Ballet Theater’s Genzano costumes in the middle of 2014, and fell in love with what she called the peacock dress, and wanted one. What is a mama to say? 🙂 I took some costume notes (I had the opportunity to see the up close), and on the way home from the studio, got supplies. The skirt is five layers–green, navy, cream, green, cream–with a brown satin ribbon waistband. The bodice is lightly boned for structure, and is five panels of navy velvet with a wine piping, and hydrangeas decorating. The original bodices were either navy velvet (for the lead female dancer in this scene), or hunter satin, and closed with hooks. I wanted more versatility, so used grommets and lacing. These pictures were in downtown Portland just after OBT’s OBT Exposed event.  She wasn’t even five yet!

More photos in this Facebook album.