Some underbust corsets on an actual person

Just a heads up that this post will contain pics of me in a corset, and not in the historical sense.  No nipples will be showing, but all the same, I know there are people out there who are offended by photos of people in corsets.  Seriously.  But after my post yesterday about nixing the pricing structure I had, I had quite a few people message me about underbust corsets (I have enough inquiries now for corsets at the example price range that I really don’t think I can do more at that pricing right now) for boudoir and to try to feel sexy and attractive again after a year of being locked down without being able to go to gyms and do other things that fall under the self-care umbrella, and several included inquiries about if I had photos of any of my underbust corsets on people.

Howdy, world. How ya doin’?

Obviously society tends to get the vapors about this sort of thing, so I haven’t shared any previously, only on dress forms which tend to lose a lot of the effect.  So I decided to go ahead and share some of my own.  If anyone’s going to take heat for photos like this, I’d rather have the heat directed at me (might save money on my electricity bills since it’s cold…so aim that heat here, please!) rather than to ask anyone I’ve made this style of corset for to send pics for me to share.  I’m pretty sure it’s understood why many people would be shy about doing that.  Body confidence is hard…incidentally, I had more of it when I was 400 pounds than I do now…and there are many cruel jerks on the internet who get off on being mean and trying to tear people down after downing a handful of red pills.

But I personally don’t care and will eat incels for breakfast, so I post my own photos online, if you get my drift, yet am giving you that big long teal deer explanation anyway.  Insulting me only makes me post more to spite those infected ingrown hairs on horses’ butts.  I started to do it partly for the same reason as most of the inquirers–to try to not feel so blah over a year of not getting to do anything.  (And yes, I know there are people who live in various states of quarantine every year–I don’t get into my own medical history too much, but suffice it to say that I’ve got 28 years of experience and scars from my body rejecting some of my own organs, so I understand VERY well.)

To disclose, all photos of myself are selfies.  I don’t have the confidence to let others take pics of me.  Ironic, I know.  C’est la vie. Just mentioning that since I’ve had some people surprised that they’re selfies and I just want to be clear that I’m not withholding photo credit from anyone.

So you can see the very different fit on me versus on the dress form.  Even though it’s super dense foam, the lack of a skeleton means it looks crinkly.  This is one of my two primary underbust corsets that I have photos of.  This one is silk with more money than I care to admit being spent on Swarovski crystals.  The embroidery on the ribbon is only on the ribbon, and the design comes from the wedding gown at the end of the live action Cinderella movie.  To be extra, the modesty panel in the back is also embroidered and fully crystalled.  Speaking of modesty panel, is anyone else amused at the name?  As if that’s what makes corsets modest.

You can see some of that more in this video, which is on a weird spot on the page and I don’t know what do about that.


And the other I’m sharing is my silk dragons corset, with silk velvet binding.  I don’t have photos on a dress form for this one.  It is underbust.  What appears to be a corset top is a bra.  I do wish I’d enameled the busk gold as I did for the one above.

The back of this corset comes up a good bit higher than usual, as you can see in this one and only photo I could find from the side or back, though I could have sworn I had more. It’s similar to the back of the crystal corset though.

So here are just a couple of the underbust style.  That specific cut.  I didn’t expect so many people to be so interested in this same style at the same time, but I actually think it’s pretty awesome.

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