Dior Junon gown

Before I planned my my early 2019 trip to Paris (which was already going to include a jaunt to Paris), the V&A Museum in London had already sold out of its tickets for its special Dior exhibition.  But then I realized something…  See, despite the museum being free to enter with special tickets only for some things, I’m a paying member. As I see it, it helps keep the museum running.  (If you can swing it, please consider a membership for the V&A.  It’ll help with ongoing expenses that the museum has.  Even when closed, there is maintenance for textiles and various artworks.  Even if you have no intention of going to London, there are perks, like their print magazine, and they do ship it internationally for no extra cost.)  And at the V&A, members not only get into those exhibits for free, but also don’t need to get tickets.  So, despite the tickets being sold, my membership let me get in anyway. 😀 I was so excited when I realized this!  That meant I would get to see one of my favorite-ever designer gowns, Dior’s Junon gown!

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Red silk net dress

There really aren’t many silk tulle gowns still in existence from the regency era.  For a long, long time, silk was sold by weight instead of by linear length.  So merchants would soak it in salt to make it weigh more.  Unfortunately, salt makes fabric frail and eventually shatter due to the razor-sharp edges.  So seeing on of this age in such pristine condition (the one I own needs substantial restoration work) is incredible.








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Periwinkle-lilac regency walking dress, an ensemble in three pieces

In January 2018, when I was in Paris the second time, I decided to make a spur-of-the-moment trip to London, and deeply regretted not taking my zoom lenses with me when I found that some gowns I loved were on display.  But I also hadn’t intended to take any zoomed in photos in Paris, and so didn’t take those lenses at all.  When I returned to Paris in March 2019, I went both with pre-existing plans to go to London again, and with my lenses.

One of the gowns I was most excited to see was this beautiful periwinkle…well, I’ve seen it called a redingote or a pelisse, but the description of it calls it a walking dress with spencer, skirt, and bodice. Clicking all images will open larger version of them.

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