Blue Phantom of the Opera Masquerade Gown (film version)

Years back, I made this blue version of the film version if the Masquerade gown from Phantom of the Opera.  While the original was pink, this one was changed to royal blue with poinsettias for the Dickens Festival in San Francisco.

This gown is in three pieces, not counting the purchased small hoopskirt.

The bodice is moderately boned and laces in the back.  The top is decorated with a combination of silver laces and red and metallic gold ribbons with red and clear crystals.   The tussy mussy (pictured pinned to the bodice on the right) uses the same ribbons with a poinsettia.

The skirt is a bustled cascade of satin with tulle over it.  The swags of red poinsettias seem to pop out and draw the eye.

More photos are available in this gown’s Facebook album.

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