Carmen’s bridesmaids’ dresses

The bridesmaids’ gowns are cream tulle over cream bridal satin, with burgundy brocade trim, same pattern as the bride’s corset. All were made in less than four full weeks. That’s when I was asked, and the bride was (and still, to this day, is) such a joy that I couldn’t say no!  This wasn’t for a lack of planning.  Since she’s from Canada, when immigration gives the go-ahead, you’ve got 30 days, and she and Seth got approval sooner than expected.

A few days after saying yes, I managed to dislocate my shoulder.  But no time to nurse my shoulder.  The date for the gown needed to be moved up by a lot!  I actually took my sewing machine to the Santa Barbara Courthouse to finish these gowns as the girls dressed since I didn’t get measurements for three of them until…the morning of the wedding.  I had to guestimate.  Thank goodness I was close!

More photos are in this Facebook photo album.

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