Heath Ledger’s Joker

I made this in 2011 for my baby brother, but due to a family emergency, the party was missed. So I got pics the following year.  This ensemble included the slacks, shirt, the vest, and two coats. Since he lives in Florida, I made the blue coat sleeveless. I didn’t include the tie. He was going to get one himself in 2011, and it looks like he forgot. 🙂

The slacks and shirt are typical in cut. He did say the slacks fit him better than any other pair he’s ever had!

The green vest has two sets of double-welt pockets.  A single welt is a pain to make. There are eight on this vest.

The blue coat is a piece many people miss. David didn’t realize there was one until he opened the box and saw it. The purple coat he wanted to have the versatility to wear as either the Joker or as Johnny Depp’s Willy Wonka, so there are a few slight changes, notably the cuffs. The blue and purple velvet coats are both lined in orange. I found screen test shots showing this, so of course it was done.

His hair is real. The dye is temporary as he grew it to donate.


More photos are in this Facebook album.

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