Labyrinth Jareth Study: Part 2.4, Back/Lapels

This post is just a comment less photo-dump of some details from the back and lapels to give a better idea of the kinds of sequins and beads that were used.  If there are other photos you’d like to see that I may have, let me know for a future post.  Tomorrow’s is photos of a Jareth figurine.



















7 thoughts on “Labyrinth Jareth Study: Part 2.4, Back/Lapels

  1. Jean

    Parts 2.4 and 2.5 still show as blank posts after all this time.. was it the same malfunction you ran into before? I’d love to see them!

    • aria

      Thank you for letting me know. I’ll look into this. There were some posts that disappeared and I don’t know why. We switched web hosts and I don’t think everything ported over. I was getting ready to head to bed, but will make a pot of coffee and take this chance I have to to dig through my other computer (I have a dedicated one for photos and files related to all things dressmaking–you don’t want to know how much space all the photos I’ve taken take up) and see if I might have the text saved. I know for sure I still have the photos. Fingers crossed on the text!

      • Jean

        Sorry you keep having to deal with disappearing posts! Thank you for looking into it, though there’s no hurry if you’d rather sleep! ;D

        • aria

          I’m fine being up. 🙂 I’d rather figure this out. We’ve been doing some renovations in our house on all three floors, and it’s a state if disarray right now that I’ll take any excuse to not look at, hence heading to bed. But this will be a good distraction for being awake without having to pay attention to the paint cans and crown moulding. 😀

          • Jean

            I’m glad you found them!! Thanks for fixing them for us to read. Sorry renovations are giving you anxieties but hopefully they won’t be a mess for much longer. ^_^

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