“Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off” wrap dress

This dress is one of five I made on very little time (one week). Since this dress is for theater, the seams are raw to make it easy to alter. Unlike the famed wrap-away dress (highly popular pattern in the 1950’s, known for needing only a couple yards of fabric and being easy enough to make that you’d cut it out in the morning and walk away with a new dress for lunch) that uses very little fabric, this one ate it up. The walk-away dress also had the outer layer close in the front. This dress is pretty simple in construction. As I said, it eats fabric like there’s no tomorrow, but it’s pretty twirly. The layer that wraps first is the back part. It closes in front under the bust. For this one, I used a piece of elastic to make that easier to adjust. The top layer is the front, which closes with ribbon. This is hard to describe. Hopefully the pictures are clearer.

More photos are in this Facebook album.

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