2013 Regency Retreat: Tara’s princess ball gown

Once again I had to miss the Oregon Regency Society/Washington Regency Society annual retreat, and once again I have gowns there instead. 🙂 This ball gown was surprise for Tara. I was asked to make another white dress, but the fabric given had gold on one side, and so I asked about a ball gown. No one had thought about a gown for the ball! So I decided to make one. This trained gown is split up the front and, like all regency gowns, will have a petticoat under it. Since she has a nice one now, that will take the place of another layer added to this dress.

In addition to using the shimmery side out (gownsfor the very wealthy in the era would sometimes have real silver or real gold thread woven into the fabric, so “cloth of gold” literally means a fabric made of very thin strands of gold that can bend!), I added some gold trim and purple jewels from my stash. Purple is Tara’s favorite color. In lower light this gown, especially the trim and jewels, sparkle like crazy.

More photos are in this gown’s Facebook album.


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