Yellow-dot Regency Gown

Text from 2012:

On a Thursday afternoon (what is it with Thursdays?), I met with Oregon Regency Society leadership member Nora, who is also a friend of mine, to finish some things she was working on for the annual retreat. One thing she wanted to take the next day, but hadn’t started, was a dress made from this fabric. So after dinner, I set about cutting into the fabric to make a gown for her, and was given free reign. I love that. After about 4 hours, between a donut-run and fitting another gown on her that she was making and reminiscing about New Kids on the Block and other bands we loved as kids and teens and still do, I’d gotten as far as the hem. The period-correct seams are all French seams. I’m very good at French seams even on curved seams and armcythes. Fortunately for me, I’m good at picking out seams if I need to reset sleeves, as I had to do for this gown. Yes, I make mistakes. 🙂 I also correct them. Then I tried it on Nora over her period-correct underpinnings. She nearly cried and said, “You made my dream come true.” This is the best sort of compliment not only because I love when people love what I make, but because I love seeing people I care about so happy. Since she had to work early in the morning before leaving for the retreat, I finished the hem at home, three tucks an inch wide with about an inch between each, and a narrower hem at the bottom. Originally I was going to “hide” the hem in the bottom tuck, but upon looking at it ironed but not yet sewn, it took away from the airy look, and so I made it a narrow hem, which “framed” the tucks.


You can see more photos, including her reaction, in this Facebook album.

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