Days of Thanks #4

Today I am thankful for: Internet access

I’m sure the sounds odd.  It’s so universal, right?  But it’s not.  In the US alone, tens of millions of people still don’t have internet access.  If you have internet on your phone, you’re considered to have access.  I don’t consider this to be value because, well, just try to have a Zoom class on a phone.  I see that as having a cellular data plan.  When you count only the people who have internet on a computer, the number of people without goes up, and that sucks.  Internet is so vital these days.  Everything from school to applying for social assistance is done on the internet, and that’s ironic–those with the least who need the most help are less likely to have internet access to apply for help.

And now just internet access, but enough of it.  My daughter has classmates who come up against data caps early in the month, and it’s draining families to have to buy more.  Not everyone can.  And this isn’t falling under something schools need to provide for all families who can’t afford it since income limits haven’t been adjusted to reflect the changes society’s had this year.  Internet, and enough of it, is a privilege that is easy to take for granted when you’re so used to having it and not needing to buy more.  So it is indeed something to be thankful for.

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