Days of Thanks #5

Today’s post was going to be for a different topic.  But I will come back to that one later this month, if it still applies.

Today I am thankful for: An understanding partner.

This is one I can’t really get too into too much because our relationship structure is one that faces a tremendous amount of discrimination (all discrimination against us is 100% legal in all 50 states), and it’s also one that faces a lot of additional challenges if everyone involved can’t be equally on board and competition arises and attempts at monopolization.  Hurt can come about, and that’s what I’m dealing with from it.  A lot of hurt.  And the source of solace is the person who would, in a typical relationship, not be expected to be such.

In typically accepted relationships, a spouse wouldn’t be understanding, and if I were to try to explain it to someone who doesn’t instinctively understand this symbol, it probably wouldn’t make sense.  So I’m not sure it’s worth trying.  But for those of you who get it, then you understand what it means when an extremely insecure meta successfully monopolizes the time of the common person, especially when that person doesn’t see it happening and gets defensive when it’s pointed out.  There’s potential for a mountain of hurt, as I’m dealing with.

And it would be very easy for a partner who whom you’re married to be the opposite of understanding and trying to make you feel better.  But I’m lucky, and I’m thankful for who I have.

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