Elven Oscars gown

How cool to make a gown to be worn at THE Oscars party for The Hobbit! This commission came in on Monday, and I finished in a quick six says. Monday through Saturday while finishing up a corset. Not too bad. 🙂

The goal here was something Elven without being a character gown. Moss green crushed velvet with some stretch and lovely train (I’m a sucker for trains). The wonderful thing about this fabric is no sewing for the edge is needed. If the train is too long or you want the front a little shorter, just cut it and it won’t unravel. And that woven trim! I love it so much I wanted to buy the whole spool. But at $7/yd, at the time I couldn’t justify buying it to keep sitting around.

The neckline isn’t laying quite right in these pics. To get the right proportions, I had to borrow a bra from a friend with the right chest size and stuff it. So the “boobs” are like a shelf instead of a nice slope from collar down, leaving the neckline in front to cave it a bit.   I am extremely jealous of anyone getting to hob-nob with the cast and see Billy Boyd’s band, as this lovely elf did!

More photos are in the Facebook album dedicated to this gown.

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