Guinevere belt

“Retro”post from 2008:


pic7105pic2ac4A grand total of eight days before it was needed, I received a request I couldn’t pass up, to make a lovely belt similar in styling to the belt donned by Lady Godiva in Sir Edmund Leighton’s portrayal of her, and based off a photo sent by the client.  From there, it was left up to my interpretation.

The end result is a belt I didn’t want to drop in the mail (oh, that was painful!).  I think I will have to make one for myself!

pic6007pic3e0bI used a silk/rayon brocade backed with cream satin, edged with gold-painted brain, and dotted with glass pearls (can also be made with cultured pearls).  The waist part is interlined for support.

The gown this is over is Eowyn’s “white wool” gown that is set to be complete by spring, for another client.  It worked so well for showing this belt!  It can be worn for Lady Guinevere, Lady Godiva, Lady Eowyn, any Lady!  It is a very substantial, rich belt, suitable as an heirloom or for a wedding.

The hooks/eyes are under the right side.


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