Princess Catherine’s Reception Gown

More photos are in my Facebook album for this gown.

When I made this gown, we had very few official photos.  Literally as soon as I saw the wedding on TV, I started drafting the wedding gown (and finished a prototype within 24 hours, which may be close to the record), and then started on this one.  It was a no-sleep marathon!  So, so few photos to go on, even a day later.  Despite that, I came pretty close.  Rather than use silk duchess satin on a prototype, I used a white bridal satin over a crinoline, and a fur knit was turned into the cardigan. My cardigan closes with a handful of buttons.  The original is knit angora with pearls.  The sash is a simple crystal sash.  I would really rather not try to knock this gown out again so fast.  As a prototype, it doesn’t have the delicate couture touches of the original.  It’s still a lovely gown that would be at home in a wedding itself.

Please pardon the photo quality.  These were taken with an iPhone 4.

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