“Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off” Finale dress

This dress came with a specific pattern request that I ended up not using, and it demonstrates why I hate using commercial patterns.  This one is clearly for completely-flat-chested ladies (I’m not kidding, completely flat-chested), and the designer has information on her website on how to make this pattern work if you actually have a chest. While patterns usually require a little tweaking, altering several pieces to accommodate even the slightest amount of bust that most women have shouldn’t be one of them.  Altering the pieces would have taken more time than drafting from scratch.  So in the end, I decided screw it, and did my own thing to get this one to work, including leaving out the boning so it can be altered.

Hannah was lovely. After it went to the theater, they decided to add some…I’m not sure what. Glitter dots? Rhinestones? I’m not sure, but for this gown, it works well. I did make a sash out of the contrast fabric, though the same silver ribbon for the blue swirly gown ended up being used instead.

More photos are in this Facebook album.

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