Mia Bella

This dress is made from a cotton with embroidered pattern and teensy stripes. It’s semi-sheer, and ties at the neckline and waist, as was common in the regency era. It was made using tiny French seams and has a 5″-deep hem. Underneath is a cotton chemise and bodiced petticoat. Together the chemise and petticoat look like a white jumper set! The chemise ties in the front and the neckline can be heightened or lowered depending on how tight it’s tied, and the bodiced petticoat ties at the neck and waist. The hairpiece is made using a silk carnation and leaf on a feather pad with a peachy pink pearl sewn to the middle of the flower. These photos were taken at the Portland Art Museum on  the last day for Titian’s “La Bella.”  Note: I can not legally sell children’s items with ribbons longer than 6″ thanks to the CSPIA, so any children’s things sold to others will have elastic in the casing and 6″-long ribbons sewn to the ends. Unfortunately this does mean any sold chemises won’t be adjustable. Since this was made for my own child, I can make it how I wish. The ribbons are sewn in the center so they can’t pull out.

More photos of this little dress are at my Facebook album for it.

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