Nancy from Oliver!

Based on the Broadway versions, but with some requested modifications, I bring to you this Nancy gown! This gown is a two-piece. The skirt is a dual-layer circle skirt. Each layer forms a full circle! It sounds heavy, but is very light. The bodice is the focus of this piece. It’s moderately boned and does constrict like a corset. Our Nancy received the bosom of doom in this.

While it appears to be two pieces, it is in fact one. The main body is a lovely soft velvet, and the sleeves and inset are of the same red as the skirt’s top layer. The sleeve cuffs are made from scraps of the Whore Madame’s corset from Les Mis. The buttons on the front are decorative only, but the grommets in back and lacing is real. On our girl, this bodice closes entirely. Once again, look on the dress form is affected by dress forms being rigid whereas bodies fill them out.

See more photos of this gown in its Facebook album.

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